Fury Within, formed in February of 2007, A band from Hackettstown, New Jersey. Starting as a four man band with members that have been long time friends all coming together from various local bands.

As a band we are only interested in playing original live music that will hit people right between the eyes, and have them leaving our shows knowing they just saw a band who loves what they do, and entertained the hell out of anyone within earshot.

We want to thank everyone for their constant support and encouragement! We are grateful for all the friends and fans who have always been there for us, come to the shows and support us! Shout out to the many bands (big and small) we have shared stages with over the years, there is just too many to name. We’ll catch up with you at the bar…




Meet the band:

Steve press pic II


Steve Bell – Vocals




Bri Press Kit II


Brian Judge – Guitar, Vocals and Manager




Dom Press Kit Pic II


Dom Bandano Giordano – Bass and Vocals




Dave Schoen


Dave Schoen – Guitar and Vocals




Mike Press Pic


Mike “Baddrums” Auriemma – Drums

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